Within a few days of installing MyAssistant, incoming calls to my business increased noticeably. Customer enquiries from the website contact page  were up as well. The chat is active 24/7 helping us bring in more leads to my business than ever before. ...this is amazing, my website generating more business!

Testimonial from: George S. of Kelowna,  BC

More Benefits

  • Increases Sales and Conversions
  • Enhances user experience and engages visitors
  • Improves customer satsfaction and builds brand loyalty
  • Captures exit traffic
  • Instant customer support
  • Increases return on your investment-your website becomes a stronger partner in building your business
  • Collects customer feedback
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  • Instant new leads notification
  • Emails the chat transcript to you
  • Provides a Leads Report
  • Customizable chat sequence
  • Works 24/7 on your website
  • Channel traffic to desired pages
  • Affordable pricing and easy installation
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